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Facial Stone Massage Roller

Facial Stone Massage Roller



  • Rose Quartz & Jade Facial  Roller Anti Aging Benefits

    1. Relieves facial tension
    2. Enhances skin elasticity tightening and toning the skin
    3. Discourages the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
    4. Reduces puffiness, eye bags and dark circles around eyes
    5. Helps penetrate beauty products like face creams and serums deeper into the skin for better absorption
    6. Promotes blood circulation to the face for a natural healthy glow

    How to use

    1. Wash face with normal cleansing products.
    2. Apply any night creams to your face and neck.
    3. Use upward motions to move the Jade roller gently over your forehead,cheeks,around the lip area and neck. Close your eyes and roll gently over your eyelids if you have puffy eyes or bags under your eyes.
    4. Use the roller on your face and neck for 5 to 10 minutes.
    5. Use the Jade roller three times a week to reduce lines and wrinkles.
    6. Clean your Jade roller according to the instructions.

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