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Mighty Trio Signature Scrubs

Mighty Trio Signature Scrubs

  • This Trio of Scrubs is just enough to fulfill your mind, body & spirit!


    "Next Level Scrub":

    Ingredients: Himalayan Sea Salt with Organic Grapeseed Base, Essential oils: absolute jasmine, rose & sandalwood  & sprinkle of dried rose leaves. Great for sensitive skin.  Not recommended for the face. For topical skin use only.

    *Intentions: Strengthen, Healing, Treats the mind and body with Confidence, heals emotional suffering, Great for meditation and grounding, "NO more WORRYING", Invokes fresh ideas which allow growth and change. Promotes regular menstrual cycles. This scrub encapsulates Love, high self-esteem, optimism, passion, desire & relaxation.

    "Everything is Going to Be Alright Scrub"

    Ingredients:  Himalayan Sea Salt, Organic Grapeseed Oil Carrier Oil, Essential Oils: Ginger, Lavender, & Lemon & Dried Lavender seeds. Can be used on Face (Avoid eye area) For topical skin use only.

    *Intentions:  Warming, Cleansing, & Calming.  Can be used on the face as a deep pore cleansing.  Great for muscle and body aches.

    "Set at the Table Scrub"

    Ingredients: Organic Cane, Sugar, Jojoba Carrier Oil, Essential Oils: Myrrh, Frankincense, Rosemary.  Not recommended for the face.  Topical skin use only.

    *Intentions: Great for meditation.  Brings Wisdom, Awareness and Sharpens the mind. Has the ability to heal old wounds within the soul, expels toxic waste from the body, soothes cramps and muscle aches. Fosters change and transformation.

    *All intentions are just that, intentions, based on eastern medicine and aromatherapy principals of healing. Seek medical and healing professional for advice and before usage.

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